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 Camping with 8 grass pitches (for tent, camper or caravan), all well shaded by arboreal plants.

It can accommodate caravans and tents of various size (surface area available per pitch: 80/90 square meters) for a maximum of 30 guests.

Water drainage

 Wastewater disposal on pitch

Sewage tank in a special dedicated  area

Electrical hook-up

 Pitches are equipped with electric power (up to 6 outlets, get a proper cable)

Running water

 Possibility to obtain supplies of running water.


 Sanitary facilities are open 24/24 (except during clean up) and freely accessible.


 Showers are open 24/24 (except during clean up) and freely accessible.

Disabled facilities

 The structure is equipped with toilet and shower facilities for disabled persons. Access to main services is free of architectural barriers.

Our pool

 In the pool the UV system (ultraviolet light) is added to the disinfection treatment with chlorine, and the advantages offered by the plant are:

better sanitary management of the pool, break down of chloramines,  more effective disinfection, even for chlorine resistant microorganisms;

best overall capacity of disinfection;

use of minor amounts of chlorine in the water;

improved air quality due to lower concentrations of chlorine evaporation;

Minor presence of chlorine stabilizing substances;

UV sterilizers ensure up to 99% of the microorganisms elimination;

campers access to swimming pool is free, in compliance with  pool access regulations;


Guest registration Office (9:00 to 13:00, 14:00 to 19:00)


Chioschetto (cart) with drinks.

Deck chairs and sunshades

 Deck chairs and sunshades  are available for free until they are exhausted, for a maximum of one sunshade and two Deck chairs per pitch.

Saunas and whirlpool

Spa area with:
• Whirlpool (maximum capacity 5 people)
• Sauna a 70 °C (maximum capacity 5 people)
• Turkish bath  (maximum capacity 6 people).

Admission on demand or reservation for 10,00 Euro in compliance with regulations


 The structure is powered by photovoltaic system, consisting of 84 panels, for a total power of 20 KW.


 Ca 'Menego (educational farm included in the Register of Veneto Region) shows children of nursery and primary school educational courses and workshops in which they try to make bread, polenta and cheese; they learn to sow; see how we take care of animals, thus learning the origin of food in a funny way, in accordance with the natural cycles of food chain.


 The farm Ca Menego is nestled in the heart of Eastern Veneto, amid peace and nature. It offers its guests several indoor dining halls and a distinctive porch to spend pleasant moments during the warm weather and enjoy the large garden with children’s games equipment.

Ca Menego is a warm and cozy place where care and attention to detail blend with the color and warmth of the rural tradition of lower Veneto; the ideal place to taste traditional dishes that come to life using fresh, homemade products . Located a short walk from the campsite, it is accessible during opening hours: see www.camenego.it

Car park

 Dedicated outdoor parking available within the structure


The structure is inserted into a fenced area


 Dogs are allowed as long as they constantly leashed. Owners are solely responsible for their pets, both for hygenical and behavior aspects.

Fruits and vegetables

 You can buy our own produced, treatment-free, season fruit and vegetable.

The swimming pool area is covered with free WiFi service. To access, you can use the credentials of your Facebook account, or you can call the free number that will be sent via SMS to get instant access.